Emergency Services

Welcome to J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by providing the highest quality care with compassion and efficiency. We promise to treat you like family. Our first concern is your health. The emergency department within J.C. Blair is available to patients 24 hours a day every day of the year. We are committed to providing world-class patient care. We treat patients with both major and minor illnesses as well as behavioral health needs. We look forward to meeting you and your family, and taking care of your medical needs.

The Emergency Department is located in Huntingdon and has an annual volume of over 16,000 patients a year. J.C. Blair’s Emergency Department physicians are board-certified in emergency medicine and/or family practice and are skilled in the evaluation and stabilization of complex medical and surgical cases. The department has developed prioritized care for patients with cardiologic, neurologic, orthopedic and traumatic emergencies. The Emergency Medicine program is supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week by premier radiologic, cardiopulmonary, and laboratory technology.

The Emergency Department was completely renovated in 2016, adding five additional exam rooms including a secured evaluation room, new equipment, a new automated medication dispensing system, and a more comfortable reception space and quiet room for loved ones. The department is unique in that all charting is computerized and immediately able to access to patients' past and present records. Laboratory, cardiopulmonary, and radiology reports are accessible on the same terminals to ensure proper treatment.

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The Emergency Department staff thanks patients for entrusting their care to J.C. Blair.

J.C. Blair works with other departments and providers to ensure you receive the best possible treatment. Some of the services include: 



Hours:  24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Medical Director: James Pruitt, M.D.
Clinical Director:  Mary Grose, R.N.
Phone: (814) 643 -2290


The nurse will obtain a history of your medical problem by asking pertinent medical questions. The triage nurse will immediately take any critical patients directly to the emergency treatment area. (For example, patients suspected to be suffering from a heart attack, stroke, or respiratory difficulties, uncontrolled bleeding, or severe fractures.)

Ancillary Services

In addition to the medical and nursing staff, our emergency department is supported by 24-hour Radiology, Cardiopulmonary and Laboratory Services, allowing for the most rapid and accurate diagnosis of your medical condition.

Working With Your Primary Care Physician

After the emergency department physician has evaluated your condition and provided any necessary emergency treatment, he/she may contact your primary care physician to arrange for follow up care. The emergency department physician and your primary care physician work hand-in-hand to assure that all your emergency and follow up needs are met. If you do not have a primary care physician, please call the Broad Top Area Medical Center FQHC at (814) 635-2916 to find a physician who is accepting new patients in your area.

Non-Emergency Visits

Non Emergency visits to the emergency department are frequently not covered by a majority of health insurances, including Medical Assistance and Medicare. Many insurance carriers require authorization of your primary care physician prior to non-emergency care being rendered. The Emergency Department will never delay the administration of emergency care to determine insurance coverage or ability to pay. However, if your insurance carrier or primary care physician refuses authorization for treatment of a non-emergency illness or injury, you may be billed for charges incurred as a result of that treatment.

If the problem you are experiencing is not an emergency and you have a primary care physician, you may find it beneficial to contact that physician or your insurance carrier to determine if the visit will be covered. You can also see if your insurance will cover the cost of your care at an urgent care center like JC Blair's Convenient Care Center. If there is any doubt as to whether your condition is an emergency, seek emergency department treatment immediately.

What to do in an Emergency

  1. CALL 911 to reach your local EMS service
    Give your name and the phone number from which you are calling.
    Give the location of the victim and the nature of the emergency.
    Listen For Instructions
  2. Control bleeding by applying pressure directly over the wound.
  3. If the victim is unconscious, keep the airway open by lifting the chin up, being careful not to move the neck.
  4. Keep the victim still.
  5. Give nothing to eat or drink unless directed otherwise by EMS.
  6. If possible, bring the patient's medications to the hospital.

Call (814) 643-2290, and ask for the Emergency Department.

For more information on our J.C. Blair Emergency Department physicians, click here.

Donor Appreciation

In 2016, an expansion and renovation project added five additional patient exam rooms, a second nursing station, a new medication dispensing system to minimize medication errors, comfortable beds and TVs for observation patients, new security camers and monitors, new equipment throughout, and cosmetic improvements to create a warm and welcoming space totaling an additional 3,850 square feet. The additional space allows for a capacity of 24,000 patient visits annually. 

The project was part of a larger strategy to improve access to high quality, affordable, and convenient medical care. In order to make the project a reality, community members donated to the project. Donors include: 

  • Peggy DeMar
  • The Auxiliary to J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital
  • Ed and Carol Anderson
  • Sandy Cohenour and Delmont Sunderland in memory of Martha Cohenour
  • Dr. Dan Delp
  • J. Melvin and Beulah M. Isett Community Foundation
  • Seven Points Marina and Jim's Anchorage
  • Carl and Marcia Baxter Family
  • Dr. John and Carol Cook
  • Kish Bank
  • Thompson's Candle Co. 
  • Price Motor Sales
  • Scot and Rosemary Gill in memory of Amerlia R. Gill
  • Dr. Maria Pettinger
  • John and Martha Swigart
  • P.G. Thompsons
  • Alison Goodman, Elliott Strait, and Lyra Strait
  • Dr. James Schall
  • Tim and Helen Guisler
  • ACCO Brands
  • Bonney Forge Corporation
  • Community State Bank of Orbisonia
  • Art and Sharon DeCamp
  • Adam and Jessica Dimm
  • Barb and John Eastman
  • Jason and DeAnn Hawkins and Family
  • Col. O.J. Johnston and Monica Wright
  • Melanie MacDonald
  • Jamie and Rhonda Muir
  • Miranda and Dominick Peruso
  • Mutual Benefit Group
  • Pam Prosser
  • John and Lisa Roth
  • Jim and Jennifer Troha and Family

Thank you for your generous support!