J.C. Blair A Beneficiary of Pennsylvania Pink Zone

When J.C. Blair was invited to be a part of the Pink Zone in 2010, we were asked what we needed to advance our fight against breast cancer.  At that time we needed to raise $400,000 to purchase full-field digital mammography equipment.

Since then, we not only acquired digital mammography in 2012, we celebrated the opening of a new Women’s Imaging Center, complete with stereotactic breast biopsy, breast ultrasound, lymphoscintigraphy and bone density testing.

In 2013, J.C. Blair’s Women’s Imaging Center became the first and only imaging center in the region to offer 3D Digital Mammography, or Breast Tomosynthesis. 

All of this technology provides the tools for J.C. Blair's breast health team to diagnose breast cancer at its earliest possible stage which leads to minimally invasive and less expensive treatments and many more breast cancer survivors.

But more important than all of this technology is the education, outreach and coordination of care provided by J.C. Blair’s breast health team led by Lead Mammographer and Breast Health Coordiantor Penny Shope.  In addition, Penny counsels women through the continuum of care from the time of their first abnormal mammogram, through additional testing and diagnosis, and links them with breast health navigators at breast cancer treatment centers.

Pink Zone funding has been instrumental in supporting J.C. Blair’s ability to offer the rural women of Huntingdon County and surrounding communities the best possible breast health education, outreach, screening and diagnostic care. Pink Zone funding provided the seed money for digital mammography in 2011 and 2012, and supported the breast health coordinator position in 2013 and 2014.