General Radiology Test (X-Ray)

How to Prepare for your General Radiology Test (X-Ray)


General Radiology Test - Chest, Abdomen, Skeletal System - No preparation required

Fluoro Studies

Barium Swallow: Nothing to eat or drink after midnight

Upper GI Series: Nothing to eat or drink after midnight

Small Bowel Series: Nothing to eat or drink after midnight

Barium Enema: Day before exam - clear liquid diet all day (clear liquids include jello, broth, popsicles, or clear juices). You may also have coffee and/or tea. 

3:00 pm day before exam: Swallow two (2) Dulcolax tablets with water. Do not chew or crush tablets. Dulcolax can be obtained over the counter without a prescription at the pharmacy. 

5:00 pm day before the exam: Mix a 238 gram bottle of Miralax in 64 ounces of Gatorade. Shake solution until Miralax is dissolved. Drink 8 ounces every 10-15 minutes until solution is entirely gone. Some nausea and abdominal cramping can be expected.

After midnight the day before the exam: Nothing to eat or drink except heart or blood pressure medications with a very small sip of water

Tucks pads and over the counter hemorrhoid cream may be used for anal discomfort. 

Pediatric patients having Barium Enemas: There is no preparation for pediatric patients having a Barium Enema under the age of 12 years. When scheduling these patients for tests, please discuss with the Radiologist so they can instruct you if they wish something else be done.