About the J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation – A culture of philanthropy

J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation began operations on July 1, 2003, to raise funds in support of J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital. The Hospital is a private, non-profit healthcare facility established in 1911 by Kate Fisher Blair in memory of her husband, John Chalmers Blair, to care for the people of Huntingdon County and nearby communities.

Kate Fisher Blair's philanthropic gift to Huntingdon established the Hospital and the generosity of our community has sustained it. The benefits of charitable donations to J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation are evident in every aspect of the Hospital's services.  Working as a partner with individuals, businesses and organizations, the Foundation helps to ensure that everyone has access to high quality hospital services.

Contributions enable J.C. Blair to buy new and replace old medical equipment, renovate existing facilities as well as offer new programs and services.  Contributions also help provide charity care each year to those who can't afford to pay.  That is why J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation was created - to ensure excellent medical care for all.

The J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation with a separate governing board.  It is a corporate member of J.C. Blair Health Systems, Inc.

Get involved.  You can help by volunteering or making a gift to the J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Wendy Garlock,  Director - J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation - (814) 643-8889

Mailing Address:
J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation
1225 Warm Springs AVE 
Huntingdon, PA 16652