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Watch and listen to Jason's story! 

Jason works as an Engineering Supervisor at J.C. Blair, and was involved with building the new catheterization lab. Little did he know that he would be the first patient. Click the video and learn more about Jason's story and our new heart catheterization lab at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital. 



What is a Heart Catheterization? 

A heart or cardiac catheterization is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that allows a cardiologist to effectively diagnose, and often treat, heart problems in patients who are suspected of having a blockage or other issues witin the arteries. 

What can I expect during the test?

The cardiologist will insert a plastic tube called an introducer sheath into the left or right groin (femoral artery) or the left or right wrist. A guidewire and a catheter are gently inserted through the sheath then threaded through the arteries to the heart while the doctor watches on the imaging monitor. Blood vessels have no pain nerves so you won't feel them moving through the artery. Catheters and wires will be removed and replaced several times to reach each coronary artery. X-ray dye will be injected through the catheter into the coronary arteries and x-ray images will be taken. You may feel a warm sensation when the dye circulates through your body. Several images (angiograms) are taken of each artery. the angiograms will show the amount of narrowing in the artery and the exact location. Also, pressures within the heart chambers will be measured. You may be asked to "take a deep breath and hold it." You may also be asked to turn your head from side to side. 

In most cases the doctor will review the angiograms then discuss the results with you and your family soon after the procedure is completed. 

Services Offered in the Cardiac Cath Lab

Includes: Coronary stents, peripheral angiograms, vascular angioplasty and stents, pacemaker, and defibrillation implantation. 

A congestive heart failure clinic and a pacemaker/impantable cardioverter defibrillator clinic is also a part of the new J.C. Blair Cardiac Care Center. 

To contact J.C. Blair's Cardiac Care Center, call 814.643.8478.

Construction Update

On Friday, January 6, the construction crew from Alexander Building Construction Company began preparations for building the new heart catheterization lab. The contractor, along with JPT Architects and J.C. Blair staff members met to discuss the project which will include a new and expanded endoscopy suite as well as a new cath lab. The cath lab will be built out of the current endo suite and OR #4, while the endo suite will be built in existing office and storage space off the corridor near the single elevator. The endo suite has been temporarily moved to OR #3 until the end of March, when the new endo suite is expected to be completed.  The cath lab is expected to be completed in May.

OR and endoscopy services will continue uninterrupted throughout  construction; however, there will be some inconveniences that construction brings that we will all work through together.  



Our Cardiology Team

J.C Blair's team of cardiologists includes board certified, specialized physicians. To learn more go to our physician directory:



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